Pool Services

Swimming Pool Accessories

Creating stunning swimming pools for Sydney homes is only the beginning of the services that Corfu Pools offers. We also carry a wide range of swimming pool accessories to complete your swimming pool solution.


A successful swimming pool is not only practical, fun and reliable; it also reflects your personal style and compliments the character of your home.

To truly transform your outdoor areas into a relaxing haven for your whole family, a stunning swimming pool is only part of the picture.

A Water feature makes a great addition to your pool. The first step in choosing the right water feature is deciding what effect you would like, then it deciding the best style and location and equipment.

Don’t let a leaking pool spoil your family’s fun this summer. In addition to our leading pool construction and swimming pool design services, Corfu Pools also offers a complete range of swimming pool repairs for Sydney homeowners. 

Swimming Pool Renovations Sydney

Even if you have a dated, older style pool, there’s no reason that you can’t bring the look and feel of a new pool to your home in time for Summer.

Swimming Pool Maintenance Background

Keep your pool working at its very best with a swimming pool maintenance solution from Corfu Pools, specifically tailored for Sydney pools.


An important decision before choosing a pool interior , and colour you must take into consideration your surroundings, the colour of the water that you wist to achieve.

Whatever you want your pool’s look and style to be, Corfu Pools supplies and installs a wide range of swimming pool coping solutions to put the finishing touches on your Sydney pool.

Swimming pools have been a staple of the Sydney home for decades, with good reason: there’s no better way of enjoying summer with your family that by relaxing in your very own designer pool.

Plunge Pools and Lap Pools

Large, family friendly pools are not always the best solution for many Sydney homes.

Swimming Pool Background

There’s truly no better way to relax in style throughout the year than with a custom designed and built spa pool from Corfu Pools.