Plunge Pools and Lap Pools in Sydney

Large, family friendly pools are not always the best solution for many Sydney homes. A quality lap pool or plunge pool design and construction solution from Corfu Pools can bring a swimming pool to your home without the space, expense and upkeep that larger pools require.

Specialising in working with small, unique and challenging spaces, Corfu Pools has cemented their reputation as the leading plunge pool and lap pool design and construction company in Sydney with a 50 year old commitment to quality, innovation and value.

Whether you are looking for a compact, efficient lap pool to keep fit with over summer, or you are looking to bring a stylish plunge pool to compliment a small back yard, we take the time to understand your needs and requirements to bring the perfect pool to your Sydney home.

For a complimentary initial consultation and a free quote, contact our plunge pool and lap pool designers and builders today sending us an online enquiry.

Complete Plunge Pool and Lap Pool Services

From the initial consultation to the delivery of the final solution, Corfu Pools have the skills, expertise and experience to manage every phase of the design and construction project.

Our complete plunge pool and lap pool services include:

  • Initial consultation
  • Swimming pool design ideas
  • Plans and designs
  • Council Permit submission
  • Construction
  • Building inspections
  • Organisation of all associated trades
  • Handover of your stunning new pool